A word from the vision carrier

Rev. Pastor Emmanuel LIMI

Senior Pastor

The Lord communicated the vision and call to this ministry to Pastor Emmanuel Limi in 1999. He told him he was called to preach “the gospel with two hands“: one hand for spiritual needs, the other for physical needs. At the same time, the Lord will give him the verse that will support this vision, namely Colossians 1:27: “Christ in us, the hope of glory”.
After starting medical studies in Cameroon, he will travel to Germany in 2005 where he will earn two Masters degrees: one in Public Health and one in Christian Pastoral Counceling. After serving in various ministries and churches in Cameroon and Germany, he began a ministry of evangelization and edification among students on the university campus in Fulda, in obedience to the voice of the Lord. In the meantime, he will be consecrated to the pastoral ministry and released to fulfill God’s calling in his life in November 2010 by the German church where he was serving until then. In January 2011, by instruction of the Lord, he will establish Gloria International Ministries (GIM), which will be officially recognized the same year as a church and evangelical movement in Germany, with its headquarters in the city of Fulda

The Pastoral Couple


Pastor Emmanuel has a strong delivrance and prophetic calling that has impacted and still impacting many lifes over the years.

He and his wife pastor Virginie, are also known through their positiv impact for the well-being and the restauration in many couples, marriages and families. As councelors and coaches they offer seminars for singles, married couples and families through their Family ministry called « Familles Glorieuses »

GIM Strategy and Mission in 7 Points

Christ in Us the Hope Of Glory

– Preach Christ on every occasion, good or bad
– Live an authentic Christian life
– Experience victory in Christ in all areas of life
– Contribute to the social well-being of our neighbour
– Make a positive and lasting impact on our generation
– Worship the Lord in spirit and in truth
– Be evidence of the manifestation of God’s Glory

Structural and Strategic Organisation of the GIM

  • Go (Aller) -> Evangelization and mission
  • Live (Vivre) -> Promoting authentic faith and fellowship
  • Overcome (Triompher) -> Prayer, intercession and Spiritual Warfare
  • Rescue (secourir) -> Coming to the aid of the needy through compassionate service and diakonia
  • Impact (Impacter) -> Edifications, teachings and trainings
  • Adore (Adorer) -> To be worshippers whom God seeks
  • GLORIA (Gloire) -> To manifest the GLORY of God!

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