The Pastoral Couple

Executive Heads | The General Management Board 

The Pastoral Couple is in charge of the General Management Board

The General Management Board


Rev. Pastor Emmanuel Limi

General overseer/ Department of Edification and Training

Rev. Ps. Virginie Limi

Department of Strategic Prayer and Glorious Family 

Rev. Ps. Pagy Nana

Department of Youth and Sustainable Impact 

Rev. Ps. Rosine Nana

Department of Administrative, Management and Social Affairs

Rev. Ev. Johannes Mundl

Department of Evangelism, Mission and Kingdom Expansion

Rev. Ps. Georgette Mundl

Department of Finance, Budget and Worship Offering 

Extended Leadership

Rev. Ev. Vérane Tatdja

Deputy Head of Evangelism / Praise and Worship

Minister Ivan Kouamo

Head of Deacons / Youth ministry (JOSER)

The Deacons